Graeme Pienaar

Graeme is a registered Nature Guide with the Department of Tourism and has the required Nature Field Guide accreditation through FGASA and valid level 2 First Aid Certification.

He completed a National Diploma in Nature Conservation from 1995 – 1997 at the Saasveld Campus (George) of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

He is a qualified Green Flag Hiking Trail Environmental and Safety Auditor. Work experience includes having been the manager of the Tsitsikamma Hiking Trail from 2003 – 2016.

His extensive hiking trail management experience, keen interest in all species and passion about the uses of indigenous flora make him an interesting and knowledgeable guide.

“Sunshine, fresh air and learning about our natural environment and all its inhabitants is the place where I am happiest” 

You couldn't be in better hands, Graeme is a bush-stomper of note!


Joubert Loots

We are privileged to have Joubert on our team.

Joubert Loots will be your mentor photography guide and share his knowledge of travel and street documentary photography with you while on tour.

A unique service for photo enthusiasts that combine instruction on improving your travel photography skills, visits to iconic landmarks and meeting local people from the fascinating city of Nelson Mandela Bay!

Joubert Loots is a South Africa based social documentary photographer, currently living and working in the coastal city of Nelson Mandela Bay. 

Through photography, he powerfully captures and communicates how people live, work and interact in their social environments. An avid traveler, he has covered stories in over 25 different countries by the age of 30. Throughout his life, Joubert has had the opportunity to meet and form connections with many who have come from vastly different cultural, social and economic backgrounds. These bonds, and the insight they proved into the life of others are what have fuelled his enthusiasm for photography’s ability to illustrate untold stories.


Andy Nixon

We are delighted to have a bird expert on our team! Birding is such a niche and we have managed to get the absolute best in the industry! Andy was born and bred in Port Elizabeth and has been birding in the Eastern Cape since he was five (he is now a very fit 60, with 55 years of birding experience under his belt).

He was extensively involved in the first bird atlas project (SABAP1) and has sent in over 700 atlas cards for the second (SABAP2). He published a bird species index for the first 50 years of the bird club magazine, “The Bee-eater” and did a project on the birds of Bethelsdorp Common and on a nest of an African Grass Owl. 

He is vice-chairman of the local club (Birdlife Eastern Cape) and is chairman of the programs committee which plans their outings (they have had a bird outing every weekend for 30 years). He also has extensive knowledge of mammals, reptiles, frogs and succulent plants and has lead about 400 bird outings. Having seen all the bird species in the Eastern Cape Andy now get vicarious pleasure from showing people fantastic birding spots.

“Sometimes I think that the point of birdwatching is not the actual seeing of the birds, but the cultivation of patience. Of course, each time we set out, there's a certain amount of expectation we'll see something, maybe even a species we've never seen before, and that it will fill us with light. But even if we don't see anything remarkable - and sometimes that happens - we come home filled with light anyway.”
Lynn Thomson, Birding with Yeats: A Mother's Memoir