Nearby Island Cruise

Awehness ocean cruises offer a unique boating experience combining a deep love of nature & conservation with a strong desire to share all that Algoa Bay has to offer with both local and international visitors alike. The chartered tours around Algoa Bay are relaxed and fun with a touch of adventure, exploration and discovery. From the Islands to sea life, our bay has something for all.



  • Dolphin capital of the world

  • Largest breading African Penguin colony

  • Cape Gannet breeding ground

Tour Itinerary:

08:00am - 12:00pm ( 4 Hours)

  • From the harbour to st Crois, Jahleel and Brenton islands.

  • See the largest existing colony of threatened African Penguins.

  • The tour is approximately 4 hours in duration.

  • Departure from Port Elizabeth Harbour at 8 am,

  • returning at approximately 12 pm. 

Full Details:

Make sure you have all your cameras, batteries, jackets, binoculars etc. and that your vehicle is locked with the headlights switched off. Please inform the office if you have any special requirements e.g. wheelchairs, frail, children, fears, allergies, dietary requirements etc.

We depart the harbour at 8 am and return at approximately 12. Coffee and snacks are served on board but feel free to bring food & drinks along if you want anything specific while cruising. 

We have various chartered cruises on offer as well as customised options for those looking to create their own unique experience. There are regular sightings of various marine mammals, birds and wildlife on our cruises.

Optional experiences: 

Private charter of the yacht for day use or diving expeditions.