AWEH-SUMMER Educational Hike

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Sometimes getting lost is how we find ourselves

Come and join Awehness for a summer educational hike on Dec 8 (or 9), discovering what indigenous species are growing along our coastline. R200 per person - limited space available. 


The 150 ha Maitland Nature Reserve comprises three trails (3Km – 9Km) which can be walked on their own or in combination with each other. All three of these hikes join an old wagon trail which is of historical significance as it was one of the first attempts at mining in the Cape Colony in the late 18thCentury.

The hiking trails meander through lush coastal forest which gives way to thicket and dune fynbos in sections making the area a hotpot of biodiversity for plant and birdlife.    

These varied habitat types are also home to smaller buck, mammals and abundant insect life with colourful butterflies ever present. 

There are intermittent ocean views and the Maitland Dunefield can also be seen from the western section of the reserve which has colourful and hardy plant life for us to discover.

Thunzi Bush Lodge forms the eastern border of the reserve and the De Stades River wetland system creates a unique ecosystem for a diverse variety of bird life.

Highlights Include:

• Varied vegetation types with diverse coastal forest, wetland and thicket species.
• Birdlife is plentiful in the varied habitat types and the region is also an Important Bird Area, extending for 23 km along coastal dunefield from the Gamtoos River mouth to the Maitland River mouth. 

• This Nature Reserve conserves threatened habitat types and is of historical significance. 

• Discover Interesting Traditional Plant Uses.